3 Indoor Air Quality Problems & Ways to Fix Them

Poor indoor air quality can pose numerous comfort matters and health difficulties in any season, but these can influence you more severely during the fall periods. It’s essential to keep an eye out for these indoor air issues to address them promptly. We often focus on summers and forget about the fall seasons that introduce maximum flu.

In this blog, we, as a local AC refill specialist, discuss the proper fixes for common indoor air quality obstacles in the fall season for homeowners. Now stay healthy this fall season with these effective tips.

High humidity levels

In the rain, temperatures begin to cool down. However, this doesn’t certainly mean the humidity evaporates from the air. A home in a humid climate will be becoming off the summer season full of moisture. Too much humidity indoors can lead to mold fungus and respiratory complications. Luckily, there are many ways to decrease the moisture content in the air. For instance, you can turn on the exhaust fans or open the windows when you shower or while preparing meals, let out the steam. If you’re dealing with a more severe humidity difficulty, consider installing a whole-home humidifier to control humidity levels.

Airborne contaminants

An HVAC system depends on air filters to eliminate particulates, contaminants, and allergens from the air. Buy a high-quality, effective filter to guard your HVAC equipment and block it from being overworked. A home air filter’s primary role is to efficiently trap particles that can trigger seasonal allergies and asthma signs. Be sure to replace the air filter every two to three months.

Fluctuating temperatures

In the fall season, you can sometimes be inconsistent and unpredictable with the shift from cold mornings to bright, sunny afternoons. It isn’t easy to rely on a standard thermostat to provide the proper heating or cooling. An intelligent thermostat is an effortless, efficient solution to this difficulty. It will enable you to set various temperatures throughout the day, quickly switching back and forth between your heating and cooling systems to keep your family healthy and comfortable.

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