9 Interesting Facts about Air Conditioner

To be honest—your air conditioner is an essential part of your life. But how much do you ACTUAL know about the system that keeps you cool all summer long? Believe it or not, your AC may be slightly more exciting than you would imagine. Don’t believe us? Check out these ten cool facts!

1. Movie theaters used to be the most chilling—really. When air conditioning technology grew more common in the old 1900s, movie theater owners spent on AC systems to occupy seats during the atrocious and most humid days of the year. It worked—most people didn’t have home air conditioning, so the movie theater was the ideal retreat.

2. The first air conditioner wasn’t intended for comfort. In 1902, Willis Carrier, who operated for a  publishing company, picked enough was enough with his paper from growing and ink from running during the summertime. He came up with the designs for the first nationally known factory-scale cooler!  

3. Ice was the original air conditioner. Before air conditioners were there to keep things refined and comfortable, people would use big chunks of ice to keep cool. The producing ratings of the first air conditioners were ranked based on how much ice would’ve been required to achieve the same cooling energy!  

4. Without AC, warmer elements would be empty. Can you think of living in hot climates if you didn’t have an air conditioner? You’re not solely—when home air conditioning grew popular, the populations in warmer states developed noticeably!  

5. You can thank your air conditioner for modern medicine. Did you know that a lot of the medicines we use now were developed in laboratories with temperature-sensitive devices and equipment? In other terms, we wouldn’t have medicines that meet everything from the simple cold to cancer therapies if it weren’t for our cooling systems. Now that’s a scary thought!  

6. School’s out for the summer—thanks to the heat. Before air conditioners, it was way extremely hot to study during the summer months—and summer vacation was born. Luckily, the concept stuck, and kids now get to experience the summertime with the advantage of a cooling system.  

7. The most advanced ventilation system had Ivy League status. In 1899, a ventilation system was fitted in the dissecting room at Cornell University—that way, the students could examine cadavers without the smell.  8. Allergies and air conditioners go collectively like peanut butter and jelly. Okay, they won’t perceive it as good as a PB&J, but air conditioners have been determined to have a real effect on people who experienced asthma. Why? Air conditioners are capable to eliminate allergens and other more trivial particles from indoor air—that means lighter sneezing and more relaxing. 

9. Canadians love their air conditioners. Okay, this one may be a given, but did you know that every year, people in Canada consume more power to power their AC units than the whole continent of Africa uses entirely? Now that’s a dedication to cooling.  

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Your air conditioner is moderately cool—pun meant. Make sure it keeps you cool also!

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