Benefits of Running Furnace Fan Continuously

If you’re not running your furnace fan often, you’re missing on some amazing benefits of owning a home  with the best duct system:  

Better circulation of your heated & cooled air  

Because hot air is more volatile than cold air, hot air will generally rise and cold air will fall. In an enclosed space like your home this method is termed the “stack effect” — it is the equal process that  allows your furnace to draw vapor out of the chimney. This is why in some houses the basement is constantly cold and the upstairs is always warmer.  

Your home’s heating and cooling system will assist you to balance these problems, but it does not run all  the time.  

  • What if you have a single-story home, is it ideal to run the fan?  
  • Is a single speed or variable speed fan more helpful?  
  • What size furnace do you need?  

Lower your Utility Bills  

If you have a more unusual ENERGY STAR merited furnace it will have a variable speed motor that is designed to run all the time. With electricity rates in Canada, it will cost the average homeowner less than $3 per month to run the fan 24 hours a day. If you have a builder’s grade or more traditional system then it may charge you as much as $10-$12 a month.  

Increase the Life of your Unit  

Many people have assumptions that running their furnace fan all the time will make it fail prematurely.  The opposite is right. These fan systems were meant to run all the time and, assuming your system is suitably installed with the correct size ductwork, it may also extend the life of the fan.  

Improve Air Quality  

By operating the furnace fan all the time, you are also operating air through your furnace filter constantly. If you have an active filter and a UV light, you are continually filtering and cleaning the air.  This results in better indoor air quality for your house and less dust on your furniture.  

In the cooling season running the furnace, the fan can help weaker moisture in your home by running air through your air conditioner’s evaporator more consistently which enables the system to draw even more moisture over time. 

When should you not run the furnace fan?  

There are several reasons why you may not want to run your fan.  

  • If it is the dead of summer and you have ductwork in your dormer, temperatures can reach as high as 140 degrees. Even if your ductwork is protected, it only does so much good against those varieties of temperatures. Running the fan when the air conditioner is not on could draw the heat out of the attic into the home.  
  • If you have leaky ductwork.  

If you have a more traditional home you should have your ducts sealed even if you are not intending to restore any equipment anytime soon. If you do have the equipment renewed, make sure your builder adds duct sealing to the job. Also installing indoor air quality products like high-efficiency filters or ultraviolet light systems will considerably improve the air in your home while running the furnace fan so that you can use your furnace into a whole-house air cleaner! 

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