Is your heat pump leaking? Here’s the solution!

Canada is already in its winter mode. This is where the demand for a heating system arises.

When deciding between a boiler, furnace, and heat pump, several residents struggle to buy the best fit for their home. A heat pump is an undeniable choice for affordable, durable, environmentally friendly, and extremely efficient systems.

Though these heat pumps work correctly and efficiently most of the time, there’s still a risk yours could leak. The first step you can take to avoid a leaking heat pump is choosing the right unit and having the best people install it.

Our technicians’ team offers heat pump installation of the most quality brands and fully recommends choosing the right heat pump to lower your risk of leaks.

Top Reasons For Heat Pump Leaks  

The reason for a single leak may vary from the basis for another. Even if you have a committed brand of heat pumps, leaks are still a potential result. If you find your heat pump is dripping water inside or outside the unit, call for repair quickly.

Here are 3 of the most common reasons for heat pump leak:

Drain Problems – Most heat pumps have a drain vessel used to handle standard condensation from the unit. If that vessel becomes obstructed with mold, debris, or algae, it could leak and result in a plash around your pump. The system automatically turns off in several cases before this occurs, but the obstacle will still need to be fixed before your pump works again.

Frozen Evaporator Coils – In the summertime, low refrigerant levels could drive to ice on the cooling coils. This reduces the cooling process and restricts the heat pump from operating correctly. The melting ice creates the leak.

A Dirty Coil – The cold evaporator coil in your unit gets condensation from the air and pours it down the coil into a vessel, driving to another drain. If this coil is dirty, it glitches, and the water drops onto the ground.

Solutions For Heat Pump Leaks in Canada

Yearly investigations of your heating unit can limit leaks and other waste. Hiring an expert for heat pump maintenance will significantly improve your energy performance and lower your energy cost. If you experience a leak, call a professional quickly to schedule heat pump repair and halt additional damage. 

Why Choose Jas Heating for Pump Heat Services?

Not only is our team authorized and insured, but we’re also excited about what we do. As a family or business owner, we associate our name contemptuously with everything we do. We guarantee quality service and customer satisfaction.

Our heat pump maintenance and repair will assist you in staying warm during the colder months. We look ahead to serving you soon.

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