What’s the Best AC Setting for Coolness & Energy Efficiency?

Canada is famous for its hot and humid summers, but a robust air conditioning system can make those summers much more pleasant. However, the average air conditioning system uses a notable amount of electricity, which can be considerably expensive over the cooling season. By choosing a thermostat temperature that supports relaxation and energy usage, you can reduce your utility costs while experiencing the cool air after a long day outdoor or at work.


For several people, a temperature setting from 72 to 78 degrees is ideal, but that depends on numerous factors, including personal choice, energy costs in your region, and how well your home can sustain its temperature. While setting the temperature lower will enhance your comfort, it will also increase your utility bills. For every degree that the thermostat is raised, you can decrease your utility costs by 1 to 3%, depending on the capability of your air conditioner and the quality of your home. You can also lower your energy costs significantly by increasing the temperature while you are at work, away from home, or dreaming. For the most excellent savings, consider setting your thermostat to:

  • About 78 degrees while you are at home
  • About 82 degrees while you are resting
  • About 85 degrees when you are at employment, work school, or away from home

To make the job easier, a programmable thermostat can increase the temperature automatically when you leave or go to sleep and overcome it in time to be healthy when you reach back home or wake up. The latest programmable thermostats feature accessible programming interfaces and optional features like WiFi connections, touchscreen controls, and remote programming from a computer or a mobile device.


If you prefer a lower temperature in your home or just want to reduce your cooling costs, there are several other ways to conserve energy. These include:

  • Using fans: Turning on ceiling fans or movable fans can help to diffuse the cool air more smoothly and make you feel more relaxed at a higher temperature. Turn fans off when departing the room to save energy.
  • Natural ventilation: During cool mornings or evenings, open the windows to install a cross breeze and cool your home naturally.
  • Closing the curtains: During the daytime, the sun can instantly heat a room. Close shades, blinds, or contains to block the sun’s heat and make your air conditioner’s job simpler.
  • Sealing and insulating: Adding insulation and sealing air leaks enables your home to control temperature longer, decreasing the load on the air conditioner.
  • Avoiding heat gain: Wait till the evening to clean, cook, or wash clothes to avoid adding excess heat and humidity to your home. Turn off heat-generating electronics, appliances, and lighting when not in control.
  • Have your AC serviced: Regular maintenance, such as replacing the air filter and washing the coils, can help your air conditioner run as efficiently as feasible, reducing your cooling costs.


At Jas Heating, we can help you determine a temperature that is ideal for your air conditioning system while also helping to decrease cooling costs in other ways, such as regular AC maintenance. For all your heating and cooling needs in Canada, call now.

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